Saturday, October 26, 2013

A SPOOKTACULAR MONTH with the Texas Sweethearts and Scoundrels!

Hello, boys and ghouls! Here's some news we've been dying to share. So many exciting things going on, it's frightening! (Are the puns killing you yet?) Read on to see what October's about.

We are all scheduling school and library visits, so give us a shout if your school is looking for a fun visit. Also, check out our news or the calendar sections on our websites to find out where we'll be this fall.  We'd love to be able to visit with you in person!

This Saturday is the Texas Book Festival here in Austin, Texas. Located down at the Capital, the Texas Book Festival has something for everyone!
If you're interested in young adult books or books about girls with special powers, P. J. will be on a panel on Saturday, October 26th, 2013 from 1:30-2:30 pm.
In addition to P.J., the panel will be made up of Jessica Khoury (author of Origin), Cynthia Leitich Smith (author of Feral Nights), and Kami Garcia (author of Unbreakable) and will be moderated by local Austin author Sean Petrie.
P. J. Hoover has had a busy month filled with school visits and regional librarian conferences. She enjoyed visiting Cathey Middle School and Mission High School in McAllen, Texas, prior to the Region 1 Librarian Conference in South Padre Island. It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces, and nice to meet so many new friends.
In addition, P. J. just spent a week in Allen, Texas talking to 7th graders about the Hero's Journey and how it relates to writing and life in general. This Friday, P. J. will visit Annunciation Orthodox School in Houston where she will be talking with 4th-8th graders.
P. J. enjoys speaking to kids of all ages, and her favorite presentation is "My Quest for the Golden Fleece: 12 Things I've Learned on my Hero's Journey."
Structured around mythology and The Hero's Journey, she talks about the importance of goal setting (and sticking to those goals!), facing fears, and getting back up after failure to try again and again until success is achieved. She also talks about the writing process, from ideas to revisions, from rejections to publication. For kids who are interested in mythology or who are learning about The Hero's Journey, it is a great tie-in because they can relate.
Attention Region 2 (Corpus) and Region 12 (Waco) librarians! P. J. Hoover will be at the Regional Librarian Conferences in November. Please come by and say hello!
Upcoming Signings for P. J.:
P. J. will be talking with readers and signing Solstice at the Houston BOOKRAVE event on Saturday, November 2nd at the Zotz Education Center.  
P. J. will  be signing at the Round Rock, TX Barnes & Noble with author Cynthia Leitich Smith on Saturday, November 9th at 2:00.


Don Tate has written and sold a new nonfiction picture book! And Charlesbridge Publishing snatched up the story exactly a month after Don finished putting the final touches on it. It's still too early to discuss details, but Don says the book will publish in 2017, and is the story many have asked him to write. Don can't wait to share his writing and research process with students.
Don will present the book he illustrated, Hope's Gift, this Sunday at the Children's Read Me a Story Tent (13th and Colorado streets) at the Texas Book Festival.

The Cart That Carried Martin, Don's newest book with Eve Bunting, received a starred review from Booklist (American Library Association)! See the November issue of Booklist for the rave review.

School visits

(Students in Garland, Texas share drawings created from visual problem solving activity.)

Don't let budget cuts and bureaucrats keep your students away from the inspiration of an in-person author/illustrator from Don Tate. Librarians are facing challenging times due to cuts, and Don is fully aware. Don's presentations are competitively priced -- AND ALWAYS NEGOTIABLE. Some schools have found it helpful to partner with each other, splitting the morning and afternoon as well as the day fee. Contact Don to discuss your budget and needs for a school visit.


Jo is tickled to share the Polish cover of her well-reviewed novel Odd Girl In from Aladdin MIX. The title translates to
This Girl is a Little Strangebut no matter how you say it, we think it's a hilarious read!

Jessica Lee Anderson is continuing to offer discounted half-day school visit rates to schools in and around the San Antonio/Austin area.

Please visit for school visit and contact information.