Tuesday, April 9, 2013

FEATURED SWEETHEARTS: Danny and Julie Woodfill

Howdy!  It is Jessica Lee Anderson here, and I can speak for all of us Sweethearts and Scoundrels that we’re thrilled to feature our dear friends Danny and Julie Woodfill, owners of the independent book store in Round Rock, THE BOOK SPOT!

Julie and Danny
Danny and Julie have been so supportive of The Texas Sweethearts and Scoundrels, and we've done many fun events at The Book Spot, including our recent holiday book signing.

They've also gone above and beyond at other signings and events like Austin ComicCon!


TxS&S:  Can you tell us about THE BOOK SPOT and how you got started? 
D&J:  The Book Spot is a full service book store with a wide range of products.  We actually started by selling Julie's old teaching books on Craigslist.  From there we decided that we should open a store front and offer the best selection and have the best customer service that we could.  The end result is The Book Spot.
located in Round Rock, TX

TxS&S:  Any surprises since becoming independent book sellers?  What can folks do to support independent book stores?

D&J:  Being an independent book seller is hard work. It takes incredible determination and long hours.  The biggest thing people can do, besides shop here a lot, is to tell people.  Local stores don’t have huge amounts of marketing dollars, so they need help!

TxS&S:  What marketing tips can you offer authors to help foster a positive relationship with book sellers?

D&J:  Stop by and get to know your local booksellers.  When you know and support them, they know and support you, too

TxS&S:  We're beyond excited about the YABFest!  How did the idea for this festival get started and what do young adult book enthusiasts have to look forward to?  

SAVE THE DATE:  MAY 11TH at Round Rock High School!!!
D&J:  The Young Adult Book Festival really came together through a series of events.  Our teachers, kids, and parents love supporting author events, so that lead us to think, why don’t we have an event to bring authors closer to where the kids are?  We had to start YABFest!
In our first year, we have a wonderful line up of authors for middle and high school readers.  We will also have several authors that will appeal to kids and parents alike.  This will provide a great opportunity for readers to connect with authors without having to make a long drive and deal with parking nightmares.  And it will only get better from here.  Visit www.yabfest.com for details.

TxS&S:  Would you consider yourselves Sweethearts or Scoundrels? 

 D&J:  Julie is definitely a sweetheart, but Danny's surely more of a scoundrel.

TxS&S:  We think you’re both Sweethearts and we’re lucky to call you our friends! Thanks for joining us!



Danny and Julie grew up in the peaceful college town of College Station, TX. They both graduated in the same year, from the same school, but never spoke to each other until years later in Round Rock.  Julie got her teaching degree from SFA while Danny was getting his Bachelors of Science at Texas A&M. Prior to opening The Book Spot, Julie taught elementary school for 10 years. Danny used to make money selling large communication systems to hospitals, casinos, and colleges.  They both live happily with their 2 dogs and 1 kid in Pflugerville.


If you know of someone who would make a great Featured Sweetheart, please let us know! The best part? If you nominate someone, we'll send you a $5 Starbucks gift card :)

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