Tuesday, March 27, 2012


We are so happy to showcase our newest featured sweetheart, Pamela Thompson, today on the blog! Pamela was recommended by Leslie Rush, and we want to thank them both for their support!

In Pamela's own words...

I'm a "ya librarian, book reviewer, blogger and writer--not yet discovered...and I write a young adult novels review column for The El Paso Times.

visit my ya novels blog at http://booksbypamelathompson.blogspot.com/

Nominated Best Blog 2012, Texas Association of School Librarians, Texas Library Association

now a featured blog on the Texas Library Association webpage

now a featured blog of the Pennsylvania Department of Education "Books, Blogs & Fan Sites" http://palibraries.libguides.com/content.php?pid=261432&sid=2159888

now a featured resource on A Book and a Hug


TXS&S: You run an amazing young adult book blog that's been widely received. Can you tell us a little bit about what you do and who or what inspires you?

Pamela: Young adult publishing is so exciting and talented ya writers are amazing! I'm on fire each time I see or hear of a new title! Walking through the local book store gets me all tingly inside. I search the ya section for undiscovered novels that I may have missed. I am inspired by teens I see and meet in the book store. We talk ya novels and what they are passionate about. Try it--have a talk with a few teenagers and they will astound you! Lucky for me, I have always worked with teenagers.

I want to give a shout out to an inspiring librarian and fellow Texan. I had imagined blogging for about four years before starting one (my blog began 2 years ago), and then I started reading some fantastic ya lit. I wanted to tell others (librarians and teens) about what I read and recommend some great novels. I stumbled upon Naomi Bates's ya blog and was -- have to admit--a wee bit jealous. I thought, if she can do it, I CAN do it! That's when that "aha" moment enveloped me. I was hooked.
I met Naomi at the Egmont booth at last year's Texas Library Convention. We hugged and laughed like old friends! We each said the same thing, "I LOVE your blog!"

TXS&S: What were your goals when you started blogging, and how has that vision changed now that some time has gone by?

Pamela: My one and only goal at first was to see if I could even write/handle/manage a blog. I didn't want to start a blog and let it fizzle out. My goal was to keep the blog active with new posts.

My vision is the same as it was. I post new reviews at least twice a week and sponsor a book giveaway every week or every other week. Readers of the blog can win copies of new and exciting ya titles. Currently, Spy School by Stuart Gibbs is featured.

Since I'm now hooked--and I mean literally--I have to spend time on my blog daily.

TXS&S: What has been the biggest surprise since you've started?

Pamela: I started the blog to satisfy my own need to write and recommend books I liked. My biggest surprise is that authors, librarians and teens who follow my reviews actually purchase books based on my recommendations.

And a pleasant surprise, teens "get" me!

TXS&S: How do you see reading changing for teens in the next couple years? What challenges do you see? And what can we do to help?

Pamela: Reading is becoming a team sport. Look at what's happened with the excitement surrounding The Hunger Games (movie out last Friday!). Teens are excited by what their friends/peers are reading. I have a teen daughter, so I see it first hand. If I have a book she thinks is interesting, right after I review it, it's in her hands, and then its passed on to each one of her friends. She thinks having a librarian/reviewer/blogger mother is cool, and it certainly does have its perks! She and all her friends know about what new books are coming and when way before anyone else. A number of her friends are follow my blog.

The challenges in publishing are to find new talent and to publish what is truly the best, innovative voices. Writers will need to push themselves to find that undiscovered "new" ya niche.

TXS&S: Would you consider yourself a Sweetheart or a Scoundrel?

Pamela: I think I'm a Sweetheart with inner Scoundrel just dying to surface...

Thanks for opportunity!

TXS&S: Than you so much for being here! We are honored!


  1. Such a fantastic interview, and what a fun picture!

  2. Love Pamela! She's been such an encouragement to me and many other YA authors, and I know she's making a big difference in the lives of readers everywhere! Nice interview. Go Pam!!

    1. Hey Christina! She really is doing some awesome stuff, and we were so fortunate to have her here! Thank you for visiting!

  3. My blog was just awarded 2012 High School Blog of the Year by the Texas Library Association, Texas Association of School Librarians. Awarded April 17 in Houston at the Texas Library convention! So exciting. Pamela

    1. That is fantastic news, Pamela! You are totally deserving of the award!!!!!

  4. Fantastic news, Pamela! That is so exciting and deserved!