Wednesday, October 20, 2010

And now it's Don Tate's turn...Congrats, Don!

There's a second TEXAS SWEETHEART & SCOUNDREL book released this week, one that is gorgeous and a must-buy, especially considering it's illustrated by Don Tate.

SHE LOVED BASEBALL: THE EFFA MANLEY STORY, written by Audrey Vernick and illustrated by Don Tate released yesterday!

Don't know who Effa Manley is? Here's the product description straight from Amazon:

Effa always loved baseball. As a young woman, she would go to Yankee Stadium just to see Babe Ruth’s mighty swing. But she never dreamed she would someday own a baseball team. Or be the first—and only—woman ever inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

From her childhood in Philadelphia to her groundbreaking role as business manager and owner of the Newark Eagles, Effa Manley always fought for what was right. And she always swung for the fences.

From author Audrey Vernick and illustrator Don Tate comes the remarkable story of an all-star of a woman.

And check out these reviews!

“Vernick employs a matter-of-fact tone and highly descriptive, accessible language that not only provides a great deal of information but also captures both the essence of the era and Manley’s compassion and strength of character. ...readers will cheer.” (Kirkus Reviews )

“Tate’s energetic illustrations harmonize well with Vernick’s fresh and engaging text. History favors the individuals in the spotlight: here’s an entertaining portrait of a woman who made significant strides behind the scenes.” (Publishers Weekly )

“Vernick adds appeal to this straightforward biography with repetitive phrases that emphasize Manley’s activist spirit, while Tate’s slightly stylized acrylic paintings convey both the historical setting and the timeless excitement in the ballpark.” (Booklist )

Yay, Don! Congratulations! And just to further brag on him, I'm including a snapshot of the November 2010 issue of Highlights which features illustrations from Don!


  1. Woohoo!!! Way to go, Don! Your illustrations amaze me.

  2. Beautiful illustrations! And love that they are celebrating a woman of baseball!!!

  3. Very much enjoyed this book (I might have teared up...)