Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Justice for Everyone!

THE TEXAS SWEETHEARTS were tipped off to an exciting discovery last week. Jo Whittemore's latest book FRONT PAGE FACE-OFF was spotted in Fort Worth at a Justice pre-teen clothing store as...the book of the month! After much SQUEEing was had, the Sweethearts checked around town (and had a few friends scout their own cities) to verify the exciting info. Aladdin M!X books are being carried in the Justice stores! And if three M!X books are bought, readers can mail in a voucher to receive a fourth M!X book free!
Huge congrats to Jo!

FRONT PAGE FACE-OFF on Display at Justice!

Jo signing stock at

Yay, Jo!


  1. I'll double that Yay, Debasmita!

  2. That's awesome Jo. Lots of teens girls go into that store. (My daughter thankfully outgrew the store. It's expensive.) That's a great place to market your book. Good luck.

  3. Thanks, Natalie! Hopefully lots of READING teen girls go into that store. ;o)