Wednesday, June 16, 2010


We’re so thrilled and honored to present our newest Featured Sweetheart, Lexie Ziolkowski!
She’s making a difference by coordinating a book drive for kids in need.

Here is her bio:

Hi, my name is Lexie Ziolkowski and I am doing a book drive to collect books for the Kyle Busch Foundation which supports children's homes across the United States. I'm 11 years old and I love to read, and I want to share my love of books with kids who have gone through some tough times. This is my second book drive for them. Last October I was able to deliver 2,177 children's books to the Foundation's headquarters in Concord, North Carolina.

I am collecting new and gently used books appropriate for children ages 5-18. I will be delivering the books to the Foundation in October, 2010. This time, I am hoping to collect at least 4000 books.


TXS: What inspired you to start the book drive?

Lexie: I was looking through the books on my bookshelves one night and realized I had a lot of books that I was done reading and enjoying. I remembered reading about the foundation run by Kyle Busch, my favorite NASCAR driver. I saw that they were collecting books for the children’s homes they support across the country. These homes are for kids who have been through some tough times. Books are extremely important to me, so I wanted to share my love of reading with kids who don’t have many books.

TXS: With all of the books you have collected, and plan to collect, how do you stay organized and balance your time?

Lexie: In-between school and theater, I wrote letters to people such as NASCAR drivers and politicians asking if they could donate a copy of their favorite children’s book. My teacher, Mrs.Baltzersen, helped me organize a collection through the school. As books come in, we keep them in our dining room. About once a month, we will count the books and box them up.

TXS: Could you share what you've learned from this experience?

Lexie: I have learned that people are enthusiastic about reading and helping these kids. I’ve learned that it feels really good to make a difference, and anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it.

TXS: Do you have any favorites books? Also, what or who has inspired you to be a future author?

Lexie: Favorite books, where do I begin? I think my favorite author has definitely got to be Meg Cabot. I first fell in love with her book, Jinx, and haven’t been able to get enough since then. My other favorite author is Rick Riordan and his book series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Rick Riordan and Meg Cabot have been huge inspirations, but I really got the writing bug back in third grade. The story I wrote for Young Authors won a contest, and my story was performed in front of the entire third grade. When I realized that I was good at writing and people enjoyed what I wrote, I decided to start writing more.

TXS: If our blog followers would like to help you reach your goal of donating 4,000 books to the Kyle Busch Foundation by October 2010, how can they do so?

Lexie: Any help would be really great. Anyone who would like to donate books can send them to:

Lexie Ziolkowski
P.O. Box 446
Huntley IL 60142

For more about my book drive, check out my website at:

TXS: Thank you, Lexie! We are so happy to feature you!


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  1. Lexie, great interview. It is so awesome that you are organizing this. What a great choice for a Texas Sweetheart.

  2. I couldn't agree more, Natalie and Shelli!
    And thanks for visiting, Readingjunky!

  3. Hey, Lexie, I've sent a book your way and also gave you a plug in my new giveaway contest. Hope it helps.


  4. Thanks for spreading the love, Sally! You're a true Sweetheart!