Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nervous about Public Speaking?

Happy Monday from The Texas Sweethearts! With so many author visits recently, PJ decided to share a little bit of insight on how far she's come when it comes to public speaking.

Thank you for your support!


  1. You were so CONFIDENT! ....mmmm I recognise that T-shirt. Did your young groupies and admirers comment on it?

    If no rude noises were made from the naughty little boy in the back (there's ALWAYS one) then that means you were a SUCCESS!

    What was the funniest or cutest thing they asked you? Kids ALWAYS ask the best questions!

  2. Awesome! Even though I'm a teacher, I'm kinda of dreading public speaking in schools.

  3. Funny, Ann Marie, as it's actually my NAVEL OF THE WORLD Nogical's Rule shirt in the same color scheme. The kids love it, especially when I explain what a Nogical is.
    The funniest thing is when the kids start to tell me how they have a pet tortoise also.

    Beth, thanks! You will love it once you start doing it. The kids normally are so excited.

  4. I'm kind of dreading it too. Though I did do an author visit when my daughter was in second & third grade & it was fun even though I wasn't published. You're right, the kids do get excited. I'll remember your advice to Beth if I ever get the opportunity to do school visits again.

  5. It all comes down to confidence and being prepared, Natalie. That's what I've found.

  6. Ack! I posted a comment earlier today, but it looks like blogger ate it. So here it is again...

    Public speaking is the bane of my existence. :) I took a speech class in college, and my first couple speeches were awful. I was like you were, shaking and terrified. :) But I got used to it, and eventually earn an A in the class. So I know I can do it again, but it's going to be hard. And I'm sure I'm going to start all over again. But I love kids, so hopefully it'll be a little easier than presenting a speech to my peers. :)

  7. Darn that blogger, Tabitha!
    You will do fab when you get up there in front of kids. If you can get an A in the class, you can do anything!