Monday, April 5, 2010

Texas Sweethearts Writing Tip—TIME MANAGEMENT

From Texas Sweetheart PJ Hoover, we have today's writing tip focusing on that oh-so-important-thing: TIME MANAGEMENT.

We give you Two Tips for Time Management.

Happy Week from The Texas Sweethearts!


  1. I have a to-do list ....I'm LOST without it
    I don't have that adorable rotund Santa Timer...mmm.....A THOUGHT..
    Maybe you could add a 3rd use for Santa;
    3) Put Santa next to the fridge to remind you NOT to succumb to midnight raids....YOU could end up LOOKING AS WELL NOURISHED as SANTA otherwise...!!
    YOU look REALLY PRETTY on that video....I hate photogenic people!!!! Grrr....

  2. Great tips, PJ! I do a to do list most days...I like the timer idea. Thanks. :)

  3. You've officially made my day, Anne Marie! Now I'm all smiles!
    And yes. I need something next to the candy drawer. I tried a picture of me thin but I should go the opposite route.

    You're welcome, Sharon! The timer has been working wonders for me. It's kind of magic.

  4. P.S. - When I said "You could end up"

    I meant "I" ...SORRY!!! SORRY!!
    I was probably still feeling a twang of the green eyed thing and it slipped out! I was talking about ME getting a SANTA...

  5. OMG, I didn't even notice, Ann Marie! I figured it was the global "You" :)

  6. HEY!! When you say;
    "the global "YOU" you mean that I'M as huge as the globe???
    Oh, phew I need to go on a diet and lose some of those Easter eggs I pinched from my kids...I feel I'm becoming a teeny weeny bit paranoid about a little excess luggage...
    Anyway - you were still REALLY PRETTY!

  7. Thanks, Ann Marie!
    And not the global YOU at all :)