Monday, April 26, 2010

Texas Sweethearts Writing Tip—STAYING CONNECTED

From Texas Sweetheart Jessica Lee Anderson, we have today's writing tip focusing on STAYING CONNECTED!


Happy Week from The Texas Sweethearts!


  1. OK LADIES...the advice was absolutely spot on and logical - delivered in a gracious manner as always
    1) Tell us the truth. What were you ACTUALLY wearing on your lower personage...grotty pjs or an alluring mini-skirt??? Perhaps both in an attempt to bring back the grunge-look?

    2) I am TOTALLY isolated where I live so all the methods you mentioned are VITAL to me remaining sane..(yes, indeedy, I used to be MUCH worse in the past..)

    3) Until recently I relied on pigeon carrier - yes, we ARE a wee bit traditional here...but I've updated my system today after watching your video - I now have spy-camera carrying pigeon post (who fly wearing stilettos - very trendy)!

    Yes - and I must give my standard comment - you are all very photogenic. The camera always adds 10 pounds on me...and that's just my nose...sigh.

  2. Ann Marie, I started laughing so hard I had a coughing fit! You'll be disappointed to know I was wearing gym shorts, though I'm sure my DH wishes it was an alluring mini-skirt. (Sadly, I didn't make it to the gym today.) Where can I find the spy-camera carrying pigeon post?

    Thanks for the photogenic comment--I'm glad it wasn't an extreme close up since I wasn't wearing make-up.

    Happy writing and staying-connected!

  3. Thank you.

    1) spy-camera carrying pigeon post - I can flog you one,,, sorry - I mean you may purchase 1 for the value of $999 (chicken feed included - pigeon food too pricey)

    2)If you wish the above mentioned pigeon to be attired in both stilettos AND alluring mini-skirt....YOU PAY DOUBLE. Cash only and ABSOLUTELY no refunds!

    Happy writing and staying connected to you, too!