Thursday, December 10, 2009

Friday Roundup—Texas Sweethearts Style

So what are The Texas Sweethearts up to this week?


Haven't you heard? Everyone is doing it!


In the Featured Sweetheart Nomination category, we have:

Trudy Marshall, an elementary librarian who started the Libraries of Love outreach program. Each year Trudy gathers thousands of new books and builds bookshelves to create libraries in Uganda.

Look for another full featured sweetheart next week!

Please email us your nominations for featured sweethearts!


Wondering what you can do to leave your mark in the kidlit world?
Here are a few suggestions:

1) Recommend books to your school and public library. And if you feel so inclined, donate books, too!

2) Show support! Attend author signings. Volunteer in your child's school library. Memorize the Dewey Decimal System for fun.

3) Buy books for the holidays! Celebrate a love of reading by giving the gift of words.

4) Word of mouth. When you read a great book, tell someone. Tell everyone. Make it a habit and spread the word!


From the target audience, teen Lauren reviewed PJ Hoover's THE EMERALD TABLET at Library Ninja.

There's another excellent review for Sweetheart Jessica Lee Anderson and her YA novel BORDER CROSSING at Book Wind.

Thank you, reviewers!


And on a final note, Texas Sweethearts Jessica and PJ got together with about twenty other kidlit authors in Austin this last weekend at the home of Liz Garton Scanlon (author of ALL THE WORLD) to talk writing, blogging, agents, and editors. And to top it all off, author Carmen Oliver collected food for the Austin Food Bank. Thank you, everyone, for all your effort!

Texas Sweethearts PJ Hoover and Jessica Lee Anderson

Have a great weekend!

*Note: If there is something you'd like us to include in our Friday roundup, please email us. We're happy to include news and information about the awesomeness of the kidlit world!


  1. I'd recommend Casey McCormick for her great blog, Literary Rambles